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« Smart Food. No Junk Food. »
YFood Labs GmbH ( have selected as their affiliate marketing partner for their european development in 8 countries (FR/UK/ES/IT/NL/PL/CZ/SE).
We are all thrilled to start the collaboration !
Thanks to: Noel Bollmann, Cyrielle Richter and Polina Micheva

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We’re Global

TradeTracker is internationally present, and as members of the online community, we know better than anyone the internet’s ability to make national borders irrelevant.

Our global office presence helps us remain approachable and relevant to individual national markets, while also opening a network of potential international partners.

An ambition to grow has led to our presence in over 19 different countries, while we continually make plans for our next big venture.

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The second tier programme offers TradeTracker’s affiliates the unique option to earn through a Second Tier commission model. This means that when an active affiliate recruits new affiliates, these recruits become sub-affiliates of the recruiter. In the case of a successful lead or sale event of the sub affiliate, the recruiter will automatically earn a commission for this specific lead or sale. All this while the sub-affiliate still earns a normal commission.

To start earning all you need to do is place TradeTracker’s own banners and/or text links. Every new affiliate that then registers with TradeTracker through that creative, will become your own sub-affiliate.

In order to monitor all your sub-affiliates you will be presented a unique second tier dashboard. Alternatively, start promoting any of our international campaigns!